The snacks and drinks listed below are a sampling of products available for placement in New Leaf Group machines. If you don't see something you'd like, please ask -- we'll see if we can get it for you. 


Silk Soy Milk -- Chocolate/Vanilla

Horizon Chocolate Milk


Sobe Life Water

Vitamin Water

Poland Spring Sparkling Water

Poland Spring Still Water

Muscle Milk

Steaz Tea

Starbucks Frappuccino

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Propel Fitness Water

Tazo Tea

Element Caffeinated Water


Tropicana Orange Juice

Tropicana Apple Juice

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

IZZE Sparkling Juice

V8 Vegetable Juice

V8 Fusion Juice

Local apple cider


Clif Bar Energy Bar

Kashi Go Lean

Zone Perfect Bars

Bora Bora Fruit and Nut Bars

Luna Bars

Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

Kashi TLC Trail Mix Chewy Granola Bars

Special K Protein Meal Bars

Fiber One Chewy Bars

Mrs. May's Trio Bars

Nature Valley Granola Thins


18 Rabbits Bunny Bar



Barbara’s Bakery Organic Snackimals

Late July sandwich cookies

Back to Nature Mini Sandwich Cookies

Healthy Helpings Animal Crackers

Nonni's Biscotti

Annie's Organic Bunny Grahams

New Leaf Healthy Vending Organic Food Albany Troy Latham Saratoga Catskill Massachusetts


Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips 

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

Terra Chips, Original

Stacy’s Pita Chips

Robert’s Gourmet Pirate’s Booty Cheddar Snack

Robert's Gourmet Smart Puffs


Mrs. Mays Freeze Dried Fruit Chips

Lays Classic Chips

Mad House Munchies Kettle Potato Chips

Stacy's Bagel Chips

Popcorn Indiana Chipins

Back to Nature Wheat Crackers


Jack Links Beef Jerky

Planters Nuts

Kars Sweet and Salty Mix

Kars Raisin Almonds Unsalted Cashew mix

Blue Diamond Almond 100 calorie packs

David Sunflower Seeds

Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks

Snyder's Pretzels

Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop

Sensible Portions Veggie Straws

Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies

Healthy Helpings Simply Fruit and Sauce

Jamba Fruit in a Cup

Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles

Chobani Yogurt

Planter’s Salted Peanuts

Healthy Choice Microwave Bowl Soups

Bumble Bee Tuna Salad Kits

Late July Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers

Annie's Organic Cheddar Snack Crackers

Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastries

Revolution Foods Jammy Sammy



Wholly Guacamole Singles

Sabra Hummus Singles


Yummy Earth Organic Gummy Bears

Dove Chocolate

Stretch Island Fruit Leather

Clif Kid Twisted Fruit

Florida Natural Organic Fruit Pockets 

Surf Sweets Organic Gummy Bears

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